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Taking time to truly think for ourselves is a rarity with time pressures, the rush towards group think and the drive for action. Coaching in a Thinking Environment provides you with the time and space to do your best independent thinking; with better thinking, we make better decisions, take better actions, achieve better results.

  • Do
  • Be
  • Relate 

The best leaders take time to think about how to successfully combine these three dynamics to do their best, be their best, relate to others and help other people to be their best. Great leaders take time to think for themselves on “What do I need to do?”,  “Who am I being?” and “How am I relating to others? Am I leading in the way others need me to? How is my leadership relating to others?”

The three dynamics of leadership

The three dynamics of leadership is about what you need to do, who are you being and who you are relating to.

Great leadership involves three dynamics:

External influencers – Goals, priorities and challenges relating to your role and from other influencers such as business leaders, colleagues and competitors.

Internal influencers – Goals, priorities and challenges relating to you as an individual including your personality and behaviours, strengths, emotional state, mindset, values, purpose and how you relate to others.

Interpersonal - Goals, priorities and challenges relating to helping others to be their best through relationship building, connections, social and emotional intelligence.

Working in a Thinking Environment is about independent thinking, transformative listening and challenging underlying assumptions; liberating thinking to ensure the best and most creative thinking, sustainable change and enabling people to be their very best. Creating a thinking environment offers time-scarce executives the time to do their best thinking and ignite fresh thinking, both individually and collectively and in all aspects of life.

Promoting healthy dialogue

We're finding ourselves in an increasingly polarised world where distrust has become the default. As leaders we're all pushing for our own way, my way is better than yours. We can become embedded in our views and refuse to see any efficacy whatsoever in someone else's viewpoint.

So how can leaders navigate this polarisation and foster a climate where it's okay to disagree, without disconnecting?

Introducing 'dialogues' where controversial issues can be discussed in a safe and less confrontational way helps leaders to reframe these challenges with healthy open debate and enable disagreement without becoming polarised. Creating a Thinking Environment helps leaders to navigate these challenges and promote healthy dialogue.

The Business of Thinking

The Business of Thinking is all about making space for quality thinking as the antithesis to being busy, being interrupted, being addicted to busy-ness and not truly thinking for ourselves.

It's about supporting you in learning to make better decisions, solve problems creatively, test unexamined assumptions, innovate, enhance your communications, improve stakeholder relationships and lead the way through complex and challenging situations. 

By creating a Thinking Environment for ourselves and for others, we are able to both influence and create the conditions for enhanced and truly independent thinking, for individuals and groups and in all aspects of life.

It’s powerful and it’s a life changing investment in us as individuals, in others and in saving wasted time. It’s a hugely liberating experience, enabling better thinking and, as a result, much better outcomes, in everything we do.

If you are interested in learning more about Sara’s mission to transform thinking and the Business of Thinking approach, find out more at www.thebusinessofthinking.co.uk

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The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.

Nancy Kline, President of Time to Think