Sara's approach

Sara’s distinctive and insightful approach to coaching combines proven techniques with the latest thinking and expert insight. With a focus on understanding the client and organisation and building trust and connection quickly, Sara challenges clients to think differently and challenge the conventional.

Sara offers a different coaching experience that is client-focused with a commercial edge. She brings learning to life with innovative thinking and a fresh perspective, by sharing her knowledge, latest research and insights, combined with a focus on strategic thinking and commercial outcomes.

As a result, she makes a transformational difference to the clients and organisations she works with.

Sara’s values set her apart. She believes strong leadership is about being:

  • Bold – be courageous, challenging and step up to the challenge
  • Passionate – be curious, insightful, energetic and committed
  • Collaborative – build relationships to inspire and connect with others
  • Insightful – share learning, experience and knowledge with others
  • Human – cultivate the courage to lead with humility, compassion and deliberate calm
  • The best you – invest in yourself to develop, evolve and achieve your potential

Sara’s approach is underpinned by three key principles:

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Results driven leadership
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Strengths focused coaching
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Time to think
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Leadership in context

Leadership is tough. Today’s leaders need to operate in a climate of complexity and change. Whether facing business, social or environmental challenges, leaders require resilience, mental toughness and a step change to navigate the current climate and uncertainty.

Having a leadership coach that understands the complexity and context of current challenges is essential. Sara has experience of being a time-scarce executive and understands what it means to be a busy leader in a complex commercial environment.

Sara’s approach focuses on purpose, impact and outcomes:

Begin with purpose:
  • Quickly inspire trust and connection so clients achieve better results, faster
  • Focus on the client, context and their ambitions
  • Develop understanding of the organisation, climate and leadership challenges
  • Focus on key goals, critical issues and biggest impacts
Dig deep:
  • Deep understanding of individual needs and motivations, aligned to organisational priorities and challenges
  • Focus on enhancing performance for the leader and organisation to be their best
  • Identify personal and organisational barriers and accelerators to change
  • Share insight, knowledge and connections to expand client thinking
End strong:
  • Build resilience and mental toughness to master both ambiguity and complexity, adapt to difficult, complex and emerging challenges and make sense of their context
  • Commitment to action
  • Embed learning to achieve transformational change
  • Extend learning with continuous development

In this section

Sara’s ability to add constructive challenge is a significant differentiator as sadly at a senior level you can be removed from ‘real’ feedback. Sara faces this off in a grounded authentic way and that’s a recommendation for any leader to embrace.

Sarah Barrett, Transformation Director, Customer Experience Business