Strengths focused coaching

Strengths focused coaching helps individuals to optimise their strengths, improve self-awareness and enhance performance.

By focusing on unique leadership strengths, performance is improved by unlocking potential and mitigating performance risks, interference and barriers to success.

Strengths focused coaching is about identifying the path of possibilities rather than focusing on the path of limitations. Whilst not ignoring weaknesses and potential performance risks, Sara concentrates on what energises and motivates people, rather than what drains them, making a positive difference to individual performance, engagement and collaboration.

Strengths improve individual performance

A recent study designed to assess 105 different approaches to improving employee performance found that using a strengths-based approach in appraisal discussions improved performance by 36.4 percent, whereas a focus on fixing performance weaknesses led to a 26.8 percent decline in performance.
Corporate Leadership Council study of 19,000 employees across 34 organisations in 19 countries

Strengths-focused leadership is proven to enhance performance. People who use their strengths effectively are more engaged, motivated, confident, experience less stress and have better relationships, job satisfaction and career success.

Strengths improve business performance

Organisations using a strengths approach reported more engaged employees, lower employee turnover, higher customer engagement, resulting in 10% to 19% increased sales and 14% to 29% increased profit.
A study of 1.2 million employees in 22 organisations and 45 countries by Rigoni and Asplund, Harvard Business Review

A strengths-based approach to leadership development creates more productive, collaborative teams, enhanced employee engagement and a more positive organisational culture.

Strengths-focused coaching is underpinned by Strengthscope, an assessment framework to help people find and communicate their strengths to themselves and others in work and in the outside world, incorporating tools to help create authentic leaders, stronger teams, positive cultures and powerful conversations.

It’s all about strengths. People who use their strengths deliver better outcomes and generate greater value for those around them and for their organisations. Identifying and then using our strengths makes us more confident, more engaged with work, more productive and able to build better relationships with colleagues.


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Sara is inspiring as well as challenging, and it works so well for me because she invested the time to get to know me, how I think and where my strengths lie.

Selina White, Chief Executive, Magna Housing