Purpose is paramount. Today’s successful leaders are prioritising purpose to achieve career and business goals.  

In today's polarised society, leaders face the challenge of steering their organisations through an environment where distrust has become the default. 

Today’s leaders need the right network and the right people in their corner to navigate uncertainty, complexity and continual change.

The CEO Executive Coaching Awards honour excellence in leadership and management coaching.

Great leadership is all about relationships and connection in a complex and uncertain world.

Examining the game changers and different mindset challenging the unknown unknowns and enabling business to be moving forward.

How can leaders create the conditions for individuals and teams to find their flow and flourish?

We all need to belong. And the pandemic has accelerated and amplified our need for social connection and a sense of purpose and belonging.

The pandemic continues, as does volatility, uncertainty and complexity. For some businesses, the pandemic has been terminal, but for the most agile it has meant surviving and thriving.

As leaders plan for a return to the office and a hybrid model of working, now is the time to reconnect, reimagine, reset.

The pandemic has challenged us but has also presented us with change, choices and opportunities. This is a once in a generation time to reset; it’s time for a rethink. 

In a year that’s tested leadership like no other, how are leaders emerging? Especially given that all traditional markers have changed. What does being the best you mean now?

At a time when we should be setting New Year’s resolutions for 2021, leaders need to demonstrate the aspiration and imagination to navigate continuing uncertainty.

2020: the imperative of our time, when the world changed for everyone, everywhere. For some it’s been terminal, but for the most agile it has meant surviving and, in some cases, thriving

The pandemic has accelerated the need for different thinking, new approaches to big problems and diverse intelligence. Difference is good.

Leadership is all about relationships. And relationships and human connection have never been so important.

In the six years since I established my leadership consultancy, the leadership agenda has changed beyond recognition.  

For the third year in succession, Sara Barrie & Associates has been named as a winner in the 2020 CEO Today Management Consulting Awards.

We’re expecting leaders to be super heroes and very few are able to live up to our extremely high expectations. It’s a tough role in ordinary times and near impossible in these extraordinary times.

The man walking the dog that I bump into on a Sunday, the regulars in the coffee shop each morning.  Casual maybe, but so much more.

To some right now, networking is definitely not a top priority.  But given the unprecedented challenges leaders are facing, we actually need connection and collaboration now more than ever.

Another week, another high profile leader losing trust in buckets with plummeting popularity.  Let’s get back to basics. What is the role of a leader right now?  

Leading Beyond the Crisis talked about how communication and trust can make or break leaders, here I review best practice examples that result in true connection. 

With research identifying trust, communication and taking action as key to effective leadership, how can leaders connect with their people and increase trust during the current crisis and beyond? 

There’s never been more necessity to think well, think creatively, think collaboratively, diversity of thought matters. None of us know all of the answers.

Great leadership during tough times requires 'human leadership". Agreed, there are no tried and tested procedures for leading in our first global pandemic.  But crisis sure reveals character.

We are in unprecedented times. Leadership has never been so important for navigating the current climate. Read my five insights for leaders.

We're so proud to be announced as winners of the CEO Today Management Consulting Awards for the second year in succession.  

This latest edition of ICF and HCI’s signature research reveals how coaching interventions develop change management capabilities and help to achieve the goals for change management initiatives. 

We were delighted and so proud to be winners of the CEO Today Management Consulting Awards 2018.

Speaking at the UK ICF Conference in London, Sara shares how the winners of the ICF PRISM award for coaching excellence achieved a 190% ROI on coaching.