Executive coaching equips executives and senior leaders with the leadership skills and resources to lead to their best potential and achieve individual and organisational goals.

Most leaders operate in time scarce, results focused, deadline driven environments. They are required to be resilient, agile, think fast and make quick decisions to navigate uncertainty and complexity yet they suffer from limited time to think.

Coaching offers leaders the time to think for themselves, about themselves; time to think effectively and creatively about their leadership purpose, priorities, challenges, personal development and business goals.

Results-driven leadership coaching

Results driven leadership is a distinctive coaching approach that connects personal development and leadership purpose with individual outcomes and business results. 

Leadership is all about relationships; how people connect, communicate and collaborate with others within and outside of the organisation. Building leadership capability and community enables people and organisations to grow and become ‘agents of change’.


Results driven leadership coaching is designed to accelerate personal growth and business performance and help clients achieve ambitious and challenging goals, quickly and effectively.
By aligning individual goals to organisational goals, people focus on where they can add most value and make most impact. Results-driven leadership coaching improves leadership performance by unlocking potential and minimising interference and barriers to success.

Coaching expertise

Sara works with executives and leaders to be their best, whether enhancing performance in an existing role or making the transition to a new leadership, strategic or executive role or first Board appointment.

Sara offers the full range of coaching programmes for individuals and teams:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Transformational coaching
  • Women on Boards
  • Women as Leaders
  • High performers, high potentials and emerging leaders
  • On-boarding and First 100 Days coaching

Executive mentoring
Access to an expert source of experience, knowledge and inspiration to provide individuals with the advice, guidance and direction to enhance their individual performance, career progression and their business performance, whether it’s a start up, scale up, social enterprise or back in the corporate world.

Coach mentoring and supervision

Coach Mentoring and Supervision is a partnership between the mentor and coach to share coaching experiences in a safe, trusted and confidential space, enabling the coach to enhance personal understanding, gain support and engage in time to think. With a focus on reflective dialogue and collaborative learning, the full range of coaching issues are covered; from contracting and ethical dilemmas, coaching techniques, best practice and continuing professional development.

It also enables the coach to invest in their professional development and gain ICF credentials as an Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC), a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) or a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

You will find Sara on the ICF register

Programme features and outcomes

Coaching follows a clear and proven process whereby clients engage, explore, embed learning, evolve and excel against performance objectives, to achieve individual outcomes and business results.



Coaching objectives are agreed between the sponsor, coachee and coach, to ensure a focus on organisational priorities and measurable outcomes. Clear goals are set at the outset to ensure quick progress using fast goals that are frequently discussed, ambitious, specific and transparent.

Each coaching programme has a clear beginning where we begin with purpose and start fast, a middle where we dig deep and a strong end to embed learning, helping to focus the coaching on achieving agreed outcomes and transformational change.

Operating under increasing complexity and change requires enhanced individual capability, cognitive complexity and transformational change. Coaching achieves transformational development by enhancing:

  • Awareness – higher levels of thinking, perceiving, being
  • Attention – focus on priorities and strengths
  • Ability – boosting thinking, performance and mastering complexity
  • Action – being instead of doing – who are you being as a leader?

Measures of success

Along with her client Electricity North West, Sara is the holder of the ICF UK PRISM award for achieving coaching excellence in business transformation.

Coaching and leadership interventions enabled Electricity North West to successfully deliver business transformation and added clear value:

  • ENWL calculated a return on investment of 190% and expected this to increase.
  • Quarterly Climate scores increased by 100% in 2 years, reaching a world class peak of 76%
  • Leadership ratings increased from 41% to 72%
  • Customer Service improvements were improved by up to 15% in every business area
  • Change Orientation scores increased by 10%
  • Both the Executive Leadership Team and the Senior Leadership Team were strengthened with internal promotions

Among those who have received coaching, a strong majority (80%) report positive impacts resulting from the coaching engagement. Among key areas where they report improvement are their work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies.
Source:  ICF and Human Capital Institute Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial leaders 2017

Organisations with strong coaching cultures are more likely to have better talent and business outcomes:

  • Among organisations with a strong coaching culture, 61% are also classified as high- performing organisations.
  • Using coaching to lead an agile culture is correlated with greater confidence in employees’ capabilities in planning and executing change.
  • A strong coaching culture is correlated with most of the indicators of a high-performing organisation including success at large-scale strategic change.

Results driven leadership coaching delivers measurable differences in leadership behaviours, performance, personal growth and business performance:

  • Improved individual performance and growth
  • Improved performance of the business function and direct reports, impacting overall business performance
  • Operating more strategically, less operationally
  • Becoming a more challenging, bold and courageous leader
  • Enhanced leadership presence, role modelling the right leadership behaviours
  • Greater confidence and self-belief, resilience & mental toughness
  • Improved communication and collaboration across all levels of the organisation
  • Increased understanding of building strengths to mitigate against performance risks
  • Investing in time to think, questioning underlying assumptions and blockers to personal performance, growth and career development
  • Increased job satisfaction and personal effectiveness
  • Increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Achievement of individual, team and organisational goals and strong ROI
  • Transformational development and sustainable change for the individual and the organisation

In this section

In my opinion the incredible and unwavering support that Sara’s coaching and mentoring offers is something that no amount of courses or ‘self help’ books can ever supply.

Angela Hesketh, Director and Group Head of Property, Jackson Lees Law Firm