May 13, 2020

Out of the current uncertainty, how can leaders cultivate a new, different normal?

In the days since I wrote my article Leading Beyond the Crisis about how communication and trust can make or break leaders,  there have been some polarised examples in the news of how clarity of thought and clear communication result in true connection. 

Leaders that have the courage to be human, can connect on multiple levels. They have a clear vision of where their organisation is going or, even in these uncertain times, the direction of travel; they gain consensus, engage their people and connect on an individual level, with charisma and credibility, whilst ensuring they deliver what they say they'll deliver.  They are the leaders that ultimately gain the trust of their people.

Given we are now reluctantly accepting the inevitable that COVID-19 is very likely to be part of our lives for at least the next 18 months, then we all know how important it is that we build trust and confidence in how we live our lives at home and work through this time. 

Whilst in no way do I want to be an avid armchair critic of the government, who have an incredibly difficult role amidst rapidly changing and conflicting data from around the world. In terms of this week’s communications, did the 7 o’clock Sunday announcement tell us anything?  Yes it was a drip feed or indeed a teaser of more is to come, the detail will follow.  It was indeed a much awaited, much needed communication.  But did it connect?  Did it connect with the head and the heart, did it encourage us to trust and take action?

Communications connect with an audience when new solutions are brought to the table that appeal to us rationally and emotionally and we somehow combine these with positive messages of hope – and trust!  Having access to many interviews, articles, podcasts and newsletters since Sunday, one video was highlighted by a client and absolutely caught my attention.  It’s from the Disruptive HR agency (, led by the great combination of Lucy Adams and Karen Moran.  Do take a look, it takes less than a minute.

It cultivates the courage, compassion and connection we need right now.  It engages with our past, present and gives us hope to forge a different future, a #betternormal. 

This seems to me to help leaders and business deliver on the incredibly high expectations we have of them right now.  Let’s reimagine what better looks like and engage together to make that happen.