Leadership facilitation equips senior teams to enhance leadership capability, effectiveness and collaboration and create high performing teams. As a result, teams work as a partnership to drive the strategic agenda, address challenges and achieve organisational goals.

Leadership facilitation is a form of team coaching that ensures the group takes collective responsibility for building effective relationships, collaborating and driving change. Sara guides and coaches the team and provides impartial support, without taking the reigns.

 Benefits of leadership team facilitation

Leadership facilitation expertise

Sara focuses on:

Coaching style

Sara uses a blend of coaching approaches and diagnostic tools, as appropriate, to build self-awareness, understand how each individual is perceived by others, how the team is perceived within the organisation and to understand the nature of effective team dynamics.


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Sara’s skills cannot be underestimated; she is constructively challenging, thought-provoking and results-focused.   She quickly gained the trust of my Executive team and made a very positive impact in a short space of time, delivering innovative, insightful recommendations that moved our strategic thinking to a new level

Nicola Hurst, CEO, MyCSP  

Sara has a natural ability to gel individuals and teams together. Strategic at all times but with an ability to communicate and get buy in at any level. She is someone who you always want to listen to and always has something useful to say, bringing a fun outlook to work with her energy and drive

Mark Richardson, Right Management