Most leaders operate in time scarce, results focused, deadline driven environments. They are required to be resilient, agile, think fast and make quick decisions but suffer from limited time to think. Coaching offers leaders the time to think for themselves, about themselves; time to think effectively about their leadership priorities, challenges, personal and business goals.

Results driven leadership is a distinctive coaching approach that connects personal development and leadership purpose with individual outcomes and business results. 

It’s an approach that aligns individual, team and organisational performance and goals, by focusing on enhancing the individual’s leadership capability, courage and effectiveness in the context of wider organisational priorities. This ensures leaders focus on where they can add most value, engage others and impact business results. 

Each coaching programme is underpinned by four key principles:

Leadership development

Helping individuals to develop self-awareness and acquire the skills, capabilities and behaviours that today’s leaders require to be effective and achieve results.

Outcome focus

Focusing on development outcomes, to create capable and credible leaders that engage and inspire others by demonstrating confidence, courage, communication and effective collaboration.

Evolution and excellence

A clear developmental process that engages the individual to explore who they are, evolves their leadership style and capability and helps them to excel in their role as leader, now and as the organisation evolves.

Results driven

Initial three-way contracting between the individual, sponsor and coach ensures that personal development goals are aligned to team and organisational goals and measurable results are achieved.

Coaching expertise

The best time to embark on coaching is when an individual is taking on a new or more challenging role. Sara works with executives, senior and middle managers to be their best, whether enhancing performance in an existing role or making the transition to a new leadership, strategic or executive role or first Board appointment.

Sara offers programmes for:

Programme features and outcomes

Using a clear framework for support, individuals are given time to think, in a confidential environment. Established theoretical techniques are combined with fresh thinking, to create a unique and flexible model, with the ability to ‘dance in the moment’.

A clear beginning, middle and end to the programme helps to focus the coaching on achieving agreed outcomes and goals.

Programme features Key outcomes
A safe and non-competitive environment to develop leadership capability Enhanced individual performance, capability and effectiveness
Structured personal development framework Improved leadership capability; individuals with the skills, courage and confidence to lead
Focus on individual outcomes and measurable results Increased self-awareness and desire to change
Flexible and tailored approach aligned to the individual’s agenda Clear strategic direction, purpose and priorities
Three-way stakeholder contracting that ensures alignment of shared goals Enriched relationships and stakeholder management
Investment in personal development by the individual, their Sponsor and Coach Enhanced communication, presence and influence
Clear leadership purpose, values, goals and actions for the way forward Improved people management, delegation and talent development
Courageous goals aligned to organisational goals Increased employee engagement and retention
Appropriate levels of listening and challenge Development of high performing teams
Successful outcomes to achieve individual and business goals Measurable results and achievement of personal and business goals


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If you need help to see performance improvements in your people and organisation I can't recommend Sara more highly as a coach, thought leader and team developer. You will see results

Helen Sweeney, Electricity North West

Sara has a keen passion for developing people with absolute integrity and commitment. She finds a way to challenge you, ask the hard questions, but get the best out of you

Kate Kennard, Manpower Group