A proven business leader, Sara is known for her energy, gravitas and presence – an engaging, authentic and passionate coach who brings fresh thinking, challenge and fun.

Sara’s distinctive and insightful approach to coaching combines proven techniques with the latest thinking. Her unique results driven leadership coaching model provides a structured methodology, tailored to the individual and with the flexibility to ‘dance in the moment’.

Sara brings focus, clarity and purpose to the coaching journey, ensuring individuals pursue courageous yet realistic goals. Time-scarce leaders are given the time to think about their leadership purpose, behaviours and priorities and, ultimately, individuals become more self-aware and align their personal goals with business goals to ensure measurable results. 

Leadership is all about relationships; how people connect, communicate and collaborate with others internally and externally to the organisation. Developing successful relationships with peers, direct reports and stakeholders is a key focus and is essential for leadership capability, growth and success.

With a focus on sustained behavioural change, individuals continue to evolve as leaders beyond the duration of the coaching programme and as the organisation evolves.