Time to think

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Taking time to truly think for ourselves is a rarity with time pressures, the rush towards group think and the drive for action. Coaching in a Thinking Environment provides you with the time and space to do your best independent thinking; with better thinking, we make better decisions, take better actions, achieve better results.

Taking time to think for yourself enables you to focus on your leadership purpose, presence and prominence:

  • Purpose – your why; your reason for being
  • Presence – your gravitas; how people experience you
  • Prominence - how much or how little you are noticed

Working in a Thinking Environment is about independent thinking, transformative listening and challenging underlying assumptions; liberating thinking to ensure the best and most creative thinking, sustainable change and enabling people to be their very best. Creating a thinking environment offers time-scarce executives the time to do their best thinking and ignite fresh thinking, both individually and collectively and in all aspects of life.

The Business of Thinking

If you are interested in learning more about Sara’s mission to transform thinking and the Business of Thinking approach, find out more at www.thebusinessofthinking.co.uk

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The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.

Nancy Kline, President of Time to Think